Rustica project

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Project type: Bedroom decoration

Wall decor:  Oak Heritage

Even though it does not seem this way, the object of our work is situated in a brand new apartment building near one of the busiest and most lively Sofia boulevards. To a great extend this determined our task to create peace and coziness along with the busy city life. And what is a better place to bring part of nature and its genuineness if not the most intimate part of one’s home: the bedroom?

When it came to wall decoration, our clients chose Oak Heritage, which was the best choice they could have taken. The natural and highly rustic motive of the décor serves as an opposition to the modern and simple furniture in the room. The colors and warmth of the natural material soften and subtilize the composition by depriving the raw and cold achromatic look and attaching the warmth and coziness intrinsic to a bedroom.